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Established in early 2008 by Steve Lukas as an outlet for his own productions - the aim of BR is simple, help the global cause and bring more techno to the masses.

If you would like book Steve or get involved be it by submitting tracks for mixes, or music to put on the site or anything else then please drop us a line

Steve Lukas

Steve Lukas

Midlands based technohead Steve has been involved in the electronic music scene for over 20 years. With a passion for the darker, more underground sound of techno and many years of succesful DJ'ing recently Steve has started to focus more on on his own productions and setting up Blistered Recordings.


Here is a recent interview with Steve for

1- Ok mate lets start with a easy one , where did it all start with you ?

I guess I have always loved music and some of my earliest memories are of getting my own tape deck as a kid and spending many blissful hours lost in music. Later I used to listen to a local radio station that used to play 12" versions of stuff in the charts and I used to record bits and stick em all together to form my own extended mashup versions. Then I got obsessed with record collecting as a teen, and then we had a 6th form disco and the DJ didnt show up so I ended up standing in an playing some stuff. Moved away to uni and got involved in organising the social events which usually ended up being mini "raves" and managed to play a couple of tiny slots at those. It wasnt until someplayed played me a Sasha mix tape soon after that I heard a propper DJ mix as such and what was possible, and I was hooked. Shortly after got some cash together and got a cheap set of decks and a mixer and practiced for hours on end and eventually started playing out and about.

2- So who are your music influences ?

I dont know if I have direct influences as such but I used to be a massive Depeche Mode fan, and I think Orbital are geniuses. Also used to listen to the Orb for hours on end and wore my copy of Scremadelica (Primal Scream) and the various Plastikman albums to death. I remember as a kid my Dad playing Vangelis and Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells) as well as Meatloaf etc. Personally I like all sorts from techno, electronic etc. and some rock (Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, The White Stripes, The Darkness) - can't stand pop trash or eurotrash bollocks tho. Have to also say a lot of respect to Dave Clarke and his WhiteNoise show for keeping it real and showcasing some great techno over the years.

3- So what was your 1st techno record you bought ?

Memories not that good these days - Staker Humanoid was probably the first one I bought. Acsperience by Hardfloor was massive to me as it was the first time I had heard that style of track and you can't beat a good tortured 303!

4 - Can you remember your 1st set , where was it and how did it go ?

My first club set was slot at a friends birthday bash at a club in Leicester (Mud Club). Remember it being a good (if nervy) night but the owners liked it and asked if I wanted to come and play every week and that was the start of many fun years:)

5 - Vinyl or software whats your choice of today ?

Don't get me wrong I love vinyl (and always will from a DJ and audiophile point of view) and I don't want to get into the whole digital vs vinyl thing but I went totally digital a good few years ago and have used Traktor for many years. I do miss the record hunting for hours in cramped little record shops and the social element that brought as well, and digital also has a lot to answer for...

6 - What style do you like most ?

Techno!! (sorry not gabba though). Love Detroit stuff and anything banging or jackin but love all types of techno.

7 - Whats your thoughts on the techno scene in the UK at the moment ?

I think there are some very talentented artists out there putting out some great stuff at the moment and we should be proud that we have such a strong techno community. Sadly although I don't go out as much as I used to I don't think there are enough good techno nights at the moment (for one reason or another) or enough opportunities for new talent out there.

8 - Who should we be keeping an eye on DJ wise , any new talent out there worth checking out ?

Well as far as DJ's and producers go the likes of Luke Creed, Diarmaid O'Meara, Tachini, Trust The Machine, Antony Dupont, Phase, Ritzi Lee, JT Kyrke, Bas Mooy, etc have all been putting out some great stuff. The Public Stand (label) and Gobsmacked (label) have been putting out some soid releases too.

9 - You have being writing tunes now for some time yourself , tell us about that, who you write with and any releases ?

All solo projects so far (although have done a few remixes for other artists). Would definitely be up for doing some collaberations and more remixes. I have released some of my own material via my label - Blistered Recordings and had a couple of tracks released on compilations. I am currently working on lots of new tracks to be released over the rest of the year.

10 - So who would you like to work with in the studio ?

JK Kyrke, Diarard Omeara, _Unsubscribe, Samuel L Session, Bas Mooy, Antony Dupont,Angel Alanis, DJ Pierre, to name a few.

11 - Whats being you're worst night on the decks ?

Being booked for studenty gig and being asked for Ocean Colour Scene and The Mission etc.

12 - Well you must have a night that you will always remember, Club Experience , Free Party , Festival ?

Had many memorable nights - DJ wise I did a guest slot at Cream on tour and that was a totally amazing crowd and night. Did a night called All Systems Go at Starlight in Leicester with the DIY crew and loads of other sound systems and rocked it. Had some amazing nights playing for Elemental especially at the hot, sweaty and intimate Planet Club. Party wise the first Atomic Jam was amazing, as have been some of the Atomic Jams etc. but too many others to list.

13 - So where do you see the techno scene in the uk in 10 years time ?

Hard to say apart from I am sure it will be just as exciting, innovative and energetic as ever.

14 - Out of all the techno DJs worldwide give us you're top 5 ? the top of my head...

Dave Clarke
Ben Sims
Derrick May
Juan Atkins

15 - So how would you define your techno ?

Dunno really - its very "me". I don't really have a plan as such when writing tracks, just ideas which I jam about with (NI's Maschine is great for that) and then I just see where things go from there. At the end of the day I am just making music and if other people like them thats all good.

16 - Your most memorable time on the decks ?

Probably the Cream gig, All Systems Go or one of the many Elemental Sound System nights.

17 - So what has 2012 got installed for you ?

Who knows - I am working on a load of new tracks (I've got about 10 new work in progress at the moment one of which features in the mix for you) so I am hoping to get them all completed and out there. Other than that would like to do a few DJ (and poss live gigs) and some more remix work etc and possibly release some tracks by other artists on my label (Blistered Recordings).

well thanks for you're time and you're replies any last words comments etc ?

Thanks for asking me to do the interview and the mix. I hope you enjoy it and keep doing the great work you are doing. And finally....Viva La Techno!!!



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